Attention Adult, Youth & Corporate Bowlers!

Teens Partner With Chicago’s Friends of Fisher House-Illinois

for Strike for Vets Charity Bowling Event October 16 in Wheaton

to Benefit Veterans, Military Families during Medical Crises

Paralyzed, quadraplegic veteran bowlers can join event by wheelchair bowling using marvelous IKAN Bowler

 transforming them into participants versus spectators

Chicago, IL --Daniel Bolan, a 2016 United States Bowling Congress Youth Ambassador of the Year, and Mabel Cummins of Elburn, IL. have developed a remarkable thank you for all the veterans who made sacrifices during their service. They are partnering with Friends of Fisher House-Illinois (FOFH-IL) to stage the first Fisher House-associated Strike for Vets event October 16, 2016 at Fox Bowl, Wheaton, to benefit military families at Hines VA Fisher House facing medical crises.

“I believe that helping our wounded veterans is what we should do to give back,” Daniel the 2016 United States Bowling Congress Youth Ambassador of the Year says. “They paid the price for our freedom, so it’s like us giving back to them.

“We’ve joined forces with Friends of Fisher House-Illinois, the non-profit which sustains Hines VA Fisher House in Maywood, Illinois, because they provide humanitarian support to veterans and military families when they face medical crises,” Daniel states.

President Betty Stamatis of FOFH-IL, a fully volunteer non-profit, adds, “This kind of humanitarian assistance is not provided to military families by the departments of Veterans Affairs or Defense. We are excited by this opportunity to partner with remarkable teens like Daniel and Mabel who demonstrate such strong commitment to helping veterans and their families. Since 2010, FOFH-IL has assisted Hines Fisher House to host over 5,400 military families, providing them with free accommodations, food and all needs during their stays ranging from 3 days to 16 months and more.

“Also, we’re thrilled this event includes paralyzed veterans who can bowl alongside corporate, youth, adult and other teams with the aid of the marvelous IKAN Bowler attaches to wheelchairs so users can control speed, direction and timing of the ball’s release.”

Bowling professionals, including popular Diandra Asbaty, will coach bowlers and sign autographs. FOFH-IL is inviting major Chicago sports team pros to participate and meet with fans.

As a junior at Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Bolan founded the Strike for Vets Charity Bowling Tournament in 2015 to raise funds for the Stay in Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center that helps injured veterans and others with spinal injuries. The successful event not only raised money, but also generated awareness and introduced wounded veterans to the sport of bowling. A second Tampa event achieved major goals as well.

The International Bowling Campus Youth Committee annually honors USBC Youth bowlers for their contributions to the sport, academic achievement and community involvement. The International Bowling Campus Youth Committee annually honors one male and one female USBC Youth bowler for their contributions to the sport, academic achievement and community involvement.

FOFH-IL ambassadors will be soliciting Illinois Sponsors and bowling teams for the Oct. 16 Charity Bowling Event. Sponsors can contribute online at as well after August 1. Five-member bowling teams can register at a cost of $125 ($25 per member) on the Strike for Vets section of the non-profit’s website at www. beginning August 1.

The Charity Bowling Event’s Check-In Time is 11:30 a.m., Oct. 16, and lasts until 5 p.m. Bowling begins at noon with a fast-paced bowling format of four games with unique scoring. Prizes will be awarded to top teams following games.

Fox Bowl is located at 1101, Butterfield Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187.

Bolan also received the Orange County Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award for building Mercy Garden, a memorial garden for those who have died in senseless acts of violence. It was Bolan’s Eagle Scout Project and took just over a year to plan and build, including raising more than $50,000 and recruiting 76 volunteers, who contributed 587 hours to the project.


IKAN Bowler Information:

The IKAN Bowler® is a 2004 da Vinci Award winning invention that is changing the way that power wheelchair users spend their time. Now even high-level quadriplegics are able to bowl and join a league or tournament to compete with fellow IKAN users and/or able-bodied bowlers! Because the IKAN Bowler® attaches to the wheelchair, it gives the user TOTAL INDEPENDENCE over their game.

This is unlike any ramp you've ever tried. With the IKAN Bowler®, the wheelchair user is in charge. The IKAN Bowler® is EASY TO ATTACH to virtually any straight or sports-style legrests, INCLUDING CENTER POST STYLE WHEELCHAIRS. This revolutionary system allows the bowler to control the speed, direction, and timing of the bowling ball's release. Wheelchair movement and the unique parabolic bowling arm generate the energy to propel the ball down the lane. Braking the wheelchair sends the ball in the direction the bowler wants.

This 32lb gear can be attached to anypower wheelchair. The player controls the IKAN with head array to control the ball’s path.

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FOFH-IL is grateful to Harry Theodore, FOFH-IL Vice President – Media Relations, who has from "day-one" (July 2008) donated his time, talent and materials to photographically record all FOFH-IL and numerous Hines VA Fisher House events for sharing with supporters.

Military Families Express Heartfelt Appreciation

I’m overwhelmed by the impeccable service…this has been one of the most beautiful experiences under the circumstances for my Dad’s medical problems…grateful doesn’t cover how I feel and blessed.


This our first time at the Fisher House—how amazing it is! ...thank you for providing comfort when we’re feeling most uncertain of what our future holds…after long days at the hospital it’s so nice to find fellowship upon return “home.”


Back nice to know the Fisher House and staff are here for us. Especially when there is so much unknown in the future of my husband’s health…you provide for us at a time when we are dealing with issues that sometimes overwhelm us.


The staff didn’t act like staff. They treated us like family. I thought it would be like living in barracks. Wow, was I wrong! I’m grateful to Fisher House..found a new charity that is near and dear to my heart.


This stay helped so much! God blessed me by allowing us to stay in the Fisher House which gives peace in this timed of need.


After being here 32 days, we are going home…Fisher House is a lifesaver..what a beautiful place! Thankful for everyone who touched our lives.

Military Families Hosted