U.S. Secret Service Chicago Field Office 2011 Charity Golf Outing in Support of Operation Shining Star Raises $9,000 for FOFH-IL Support Of Hines VA Fisher House

Plans are already in motion for the 2012 Golf Fundraiser set for June 7 at Gleneagles Country Club. This Benefit will support Friends of Fisher House-Illinois and the 100 Club of Chicago.

On behalf of Friends of Fisher House – IL, Inc. and the thousands of U.S. military veterans and their families who will benefit from their major contribution, we thank the United States Secret Service, Chicago Field Office Operation Shining Star for its enthusiastic assistance and generosity.

The spring 2011 Golf Outing and Silent Auction was a well-organized sold-out fundraiser.  The hard work of our enthusiastic Secret Service friends benefitted the deserving causes of both Comers Children’s Hospital and Friends of Fisher House-Illinois.

We are thrilled and honored to have two Chicago agents strongly involved in spearheading fundraising efforts:  first, former  FOFH-IL Vice President Joel Heffernan, now transferred to Washington, and now Brett Colvin who has become a valuable and active  Board member.

In recognition of this wonderful donation supporting the Friends of Fisher House mission, the FOFH-IL Board is pleased to designate the U.S. Secret Service Chicago Field Office an official Patron of our organization.

Efforts such as theirs make year-round free lodging a blessed reality for military families in Illinois & from 34 states throughout the U.S. during medical crises when they need it most.

Photography Courtesy of Harry Theodore

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(2nd from l-r) Frank Bennedetto, Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service Chicago Field Office; Robyn Field, Special Agent; and Peter Schurla, Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge, present $9,000 donation from the 2011 Secret Service Operation Shining Star Golf Benefit to FOFH-IL President Betty Stamatis (far left). Hines VA Fisher House Manager Holly Wright (right) conducts personal tour of the Hines VA Home Away from Home for Military families for (l-r) John Gullickson, Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge; Frank Bennedetto, Special Agent in Charge; Peter Schurla, Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge; and Robyn Field, Special Agent.


FOFH-IL President Betty Stamatis presents Certificate of Appreciation to Frank Benedetto,
U.S. Secret Service Chicago Field Office Special Agent in Charge, following his presentation
of the generous $9,000 contribution to support of Hines VA Fisher House.


Military Families Express Heartfelt Appreciation

Fisher House is a Godsend. So many of us want to be with our family members but can’t always afford it with the cost of travel, lodging and food. Thanks to Fisher House we can!

What a blessing! The Fisher House has relieved me of so much stress. Don’t know what I would have done.

This is such a great opportunity for families of veterans affected by war and illness. It warms my heart to see the government, community, families and those who serve out nation working together for the greater good.

My grandmother and I stayed at the Fisher House to keep my father company during his long treatment/recovery… If not for this home, my father would have been a sad and lonely man.

…The Fisher House provides peace of mind for the patient as well as their family…the manager and staff are a true blessing…

Military Families Hosted