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A proclamation by the Illinois State Senate supports our mission.

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Military Families Meet at Hines VA Fisher House & Become Life-Long Friends

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82 top-rated charities for supporting the military, veterans, and their families  
#1. Fisher House Foundation (tie) - Focus area: Military family support

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Two New Houses

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Breakfast Hosted by FOFH-IL

Fisher House Foundation Ambassadors Visit at Hines VA Fisher

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Serve Those Who Served

Fisher House CEO calls his foundation’s mission ‘beautiful in its simplicity.’

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Military Families Express Heartfelt Appreciation

I’m overwhelmed by the impeccable service…this has been one of the most beautiful experiences under the circumstances for my Dad’s medical problems…grateful doesn’t cover how I feel and blessed.


This our first time at the Fisher House—how amazing it is! ...thank you for providing comfort when we’re feeling most uncertain of what our future holds…after long days at the hospital it’s so nice to find fellowship upon return “home.”


Back nice to know the Fisher House and staff are here for us. Especially when there is so much unknown in the future of my husband’s health…you provide for us at a time when we are dealing with issues that sometimes overwhelm us.


The staff didn’t act like staff. They treated us like family. I thought it would be like living in barracks. Wow, was I wrong! I’m grateful to Fisher House..found a new charity that is near and dear to my heart.


This stay helped so much! God blessed me by allowing us to stay in the Fisher House which gives peace in this timed of need.


After being here 32 days, we are going home…Fisher House is a lifesaver..what a beautiful place! Thankful for everyone who touched our lives.

Military Families Hosted