Friends of Fisher House - Illinois

Helping Military Families During Medical Crises Because A Family's Love Is Good Medicine

Friends of
Fisher House - Illinois

Helping Military Families During Medical Crises Because A Family's Love Is Good Medicine

Non-Profit Gives Innovative Support



Freedom Golf Assn Brings Joy of Golf

Changing Lives for Wounded Veterans

Via Free Tee to Green Adaptive Golf Clinics

Achieves Conversion of Over 40 Chicagoland & Suburban Golf Courses

To Adaptive Golf Friendly for Injured Military & Special Needs Community

If you are a combat veteran who has suffered the loss of a leg or arm or your vision is severely impaired from an explosion, you are recovering and adjusting to life with limited capabilities and wondering what the future holds.

Now, there’s innovative support from an organization dedicated to assisting wounded warriors achieve greater normality – Freedom Golf Association (FGA). This non-profit group’s mission is to bring a sense of freedom to the special needs and combat veterans communities through inclusion in the game of golf.

“Many veterans suffer from PTSD or depression in addition to the trauma of adjusting to loss of limbs, vision and spinal cord injuries. Our program recognizes they need a positive focus in their lives. Our 42 Adaptive Golf Coaches teaching our Tee to Green Program are enabling these wounded warriors to experience the therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits of golf,” says Edmund Sylvester, FGA Chairman, Director / Western Golf Assn (WGA), member of United States Seniors Golf Assn (USSGA).

“Who doesn’t like to play golf? I did before undergoing triple amputations and had a strong desire for the freedom to continue playing. Together with my fellow Board members like Adaptive Golf Director Jonathan Snyder, we are prime examples of lives transformed with techniques we are dedicated to sharing with the community.”

For FGA, golf is more than a game. Participants experience improved balance and hand-eye coordination, strengthens endurance and range of motion; involved mental capacity; boosts self-esteem; and the invaluable benefits of social interaction.

Free Adaptive Golf Clinics are now offered at 24 schools with special education departments; local golf courses adapted for combat wounded veterans including those with PTSD working with Veterans Groups; 4 Special Recreations Associations (SRA).

FGA has worked with some 40 Chicago and suburban golf courses to meet criteria for certification as Adaptive Golf Friendly. Coaches have given over 3,300 participant lessons in free Adaptive Golf Clinics. To date, FGA has brought 80 players out on the golf course.

Golf courses deemed accessible for the disabled have shown (1) they are willing to accept disabled players to their courses; (2) are ADA compliant and may have access to specialized equipment or clubs, or golf ranges with adaptive golf instructors.

To tap into amazing Adaptive Golf Clinics to transform their lives, veterans with all manner of disabilities can contact FGA at www.FGAGOLF.ORG or call 630-455-6018.