Thanks to Veteran-Owned Business & Veteran Organization Support, Hines VA Fisher House Has Served 22,000 Individuals to Date; FOFH-IL Relies on These Groups for Lovell Fundraising Now So the North Chicago Comfort Home Can Be Fully Accessorized and Meal Provisions Are on Hand for Hosting First Guests

Chicago, IL-- Hines VA Fisher House has hosted 11,000 veterans and their families (some 22,000 individuals) since 2010 with the support of Friends of Fisher House-Illinois (FOFH-IL) volunteer non-profit and the generosity of Illinois veterans organizations and businesses. Now, FOFH-IL turns to these groups for support to continue this humanitarian assistance because the need for a 2nd Illinois Fisher House has been recognized to meet the increasing need for free lodging with meals for military families during medical crises.

According to FOFH-IL Board director and Fund Chair Ray Stripling, “FOFH-IL is deeply gratified by veteran-owned business and veteran organization support of our mission to sustain Hines Fisher House. We hope they will participate in the fundraising for Lovell which has already started. This is because we must demonstrate local funding support to build the facility plus have funds available to provide house needs before the facility opens and provide gift cards for meals and household needs.

“Friends of Fisher House is recognized by the national Fisher House Foundation as the official Illinois non-profit to raise funds to build and sustain both Fisher Houses in Illinois.”

FOFH-IL President Betty Stamatis adds, “Over 10 years at Hines VA Fisher House, this humanitarian program has saved 22,000 veteran and family member guests $13,980.00 in lodging and meals.

This kind of humanitarian assistance is not provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense. When active military are wounded and veterans are ill or in need of hospice they travel to the best facility for their specialized care. Currently, many travel long distances for stays from 3 days to over 12 months at Hines VA Hospital. Many of these families depend on FOFH-IL and the Hines Fisher House for free lodging, meals, special needs and quality-of-life outings for themselves and their families during their medical crises.

“Many military families used to sleep in their cars in the Hines parking lot because they could not afford hotel accommodations and meals for long periods. FOFH-IL makes it possible for them to be by their loved ones sides to support them through their crises without any financial stress,” Stripling comments.

“Currently, when Hines Fisher House is at capacity, FOFH-IL funds stays at hotels for families until suites become available. No one is ever turned away.”

For further information and to donate via Help Build a Lovell Fisher House Flier with Partners Levels or to conduct a fundraiser to support the mission, please visit or e-mail



Military Families Express Heartfelt Appreciation

I’m overwhelmed by the impeccable service…this has been one of the most beautiful experiences under the circumstances for my Dad’s medical problems…grateful doesn’t cover how I feel and blessed.


This our first time at the Fisher House—how amazing it is! ...thank you for providing comfort when we’re feeling most uncertain of what our future holds…after long days at the hospital it’s so nice to find fellowship upon return “home.”


Back nice to know the Fisher House and staff are here for us. Especially when there is so much unknown in the future of my husband’s health…you provide for us at a time when we are dealing with issues that sometimes overwhelm us.


The staff didn’t act like staff. They treated us like family. I thought it would be like living in barracks. Wow, was I wrong! I’m grateful to Fisher House..found a new charity that is near and dear to my heart.


This stay helped so much! God blessed me by allowing us to stay in the Fisher House which gives peace in this timed of need.


After being here 32 days, we are going home…Fisher House is a lifesaver..what a beautiful place! Thankful for everyone who touched our lives.

Military Families Hosted