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2016 Plans

Number of Veterans Friends of Fisher House-Illinois (FOFH-IL) and the Hines Fisher House Serve Each Year:

With some 5,000 military families hosted in the first five years since the Fisher House opened its doors to military family guests, the count would be 1,000 a year. Average occupancy is two members per family. This sets the count at 2,000 per year with the qualifier that, in some cases, more than two family members stay at the Fisher House.

What Measurable Inputs Or Outcomes (Other Than Completing Our Maintenance Projects) Does FOFH-IL Plan To Accomplish?

FOFH-IL plans:

  • To host Hines Fisher House Annual Open House for donors, volunteers, prospective donors, military families;

  • To fund special outings for dinner and/or theater plus baseball game with buffet to relieve families of stressful bedside vigils;

  • To focus on campaign for board development to recruit additional officers with talents/qualifications to enhance humanitarian mission input and insure qualified succession in all posts;

  • Replace all dining room and bedroom desk chairs for 20 private bedroom suites at a cost of $15,900.

  • Ensure no Fisher House guest has to pay for accommodations, meals, special outings and emergency assistance such as flight home or funeral they cannot afford;

  • Invite all donors and donor prospects to a FOFH-IL Partner Appreciation event;

  • Recruit volunteers for benefits staged by organizations / corporations to raise funds for the FOFH-IL humanitarian mission.

Recognition Opportunities FOFH-IL Provides For Foundation / Donors Who Provide Grants or Donations

  • FOFH-IL can provide foundation / donor logo in our stream of website Partner logos with a link to the foundation / donor website;

  • FOFH-IL can post an article on our website at under Partners / Supporters reporting on the donation with a photo of the presentation;

  • If foundation / donor wishes, FOFH-IL can create a press release and distribute to media outlets in which foundation / donor desires to build awareness and positive image;

  • FOFH-IL can issue a customized Certificate of Appreciation for display at foundation / donor headquarters and/or multiple business locations;

  • FOFH-IL can conduct a guided group tour of and luncheon at Hines VA Fisher House which is a truly remarkable $5.7 million “home away from home” for military families facing medical crises.


proud supporter

Over 7,400 Military Families Have Stayed Free of Charge at This "Home Away from Home" Since March 1, 2010

Military Families Express Thanks

When asked ‘where do you want to go on vacation?’

I thought…and thought and answered:

Hines Fisher House!

Not for the fun and games
which were great but for the camaraderie – mutual trust
and friendship among people
who spend a lot of time

Thank You…
You have left a footprint on my heart

Military Honor & Remembrance Tributes

Friends of Fisher House – Illinois
Military Honor & Remembrance Tributes for
Loved Ones, Friends Who Sacrificed for Our Freedom & Safety

Your Free Will Donations Are Very Welcome

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Changing Lives for Wounded Veterans
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