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2016 Snowball Benefit

Raises $7,000 for FOFH-IL Mission

To Help Sustain Hines VA Fisher House

Hundreds arrived to support military families during medical crises at this annual tradition In Memory of major FOFH-IL supporter Ken Armstrong. They rocked to live band music and enjoyed endless free pizza at Edison Park Inn.

“Our non-profit is truly gratified by the efforts of George Mutert and Kim Erikson who have planned and executed this major gathering for seven years. This kind of dedicated support is vital to our continuing our efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to military families,” says Betty Stamatis, FOFH-IL President.


Military Families Express Heartfelt Appreciation

Fisher House is a Godsend. So many of us want to be with our family members but can’t always afford it with the cost of travel, lodging and food. Thanks to Fisher House we can!

What a blessing! The Fisher House has relieved me of so much stress. Don’t know what I would have done.

This is such a great opportunity for families of veterans affected by war and illness. It warms my heart to see the government, community, families and those who serve out nation working together for the greater good.

My grandmother and I stayed at the Fisher House to keep my father company during his long treatment/recovery… If not for this home, my father would have been a sad and lonely man.

…The Fisher House provides peace of mind for the patient as well as their family…the manager and staff are a true blessing…

Military Families Hosted