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Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assoc. Illinois Chapter 24 (CVMA) Dedicated Year-Round Fundraising
Garners $4,500 to Assist Military Families at Hines VA Fisher House


FOFH-IL is proud and honored to have the loyal support of this wonderful organization of veterans devoted to helping their own. They came on board during the construction fundraising phase several years ago and continue to work hard to benefit this deserving cause near and dear to their hearts.

Gathered for their annual check presentation are:
(l-r) Rick Grimm, IL24-2 Treasurer; Mel Hedden, IL-24 State Quarter Master; Bruce Chron, IL24-2 PR Officer; Betty Stamatis, FOFH-IL President; Les Lawrence, IL24-1 Treasurer; Lisa Mariottini, FOFH-IL Executive Secretary; Pat Smith, IL24-2 Commander; and Harry Theodore, FOFH-IL Vice President – Communications.

Partner Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Illinois Chapter 24 (CVMA) Donates $4,000 to Hines VA Fisher House

Support Friends of Fisher House – Illinois was delighted to attend a Motorcycle Ride fundraiser dedicated to Hines VA Fisher House support conducted by these members of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Illinois Chapter. This culminated a series of fundraising efforts and resulted in a $4,000 contribution to FOFH-IL from CVMA.

thumb_Fisher_House_2009_013 thumb_Fisher_House_2009_015
FOFH-IL president Betty Stamatis (r) and Vice President – Development Barb Kemp with Executive Officers of CVA presented the FOFH-IL humanitarian mission to the Motorcycle Ride event attendees.


proud supporter

Over 7,400 Military Families Have Stayed Free of Charge at This "Home Away from Home" Since March 1, 2010

Military Families Express Thanks

When asked ‘where do you want to go on vacation?’

I thought…and thought and answered:

Hines Fisher House!

Not for the fun and games
which were great but for the camaraderie – mutual trust
and friendship among people
who spend a lot of time

Thank You…
You have left a footprint on my heart

Military Honor & Remembrance Tributes

Friends of Fisher House – Illinois
Military Honor & Remembrance Tributes for
Loved Ones, Friends Who Sacrificed for Our Freedom & Safety

Your Free Will Donations Are Very Welcome

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Freedom Golf Assn Brings Joy of Golf
Changing Lives for Wounded Veterans
Via Free Tee to Green Adaptive Golf Clinics

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