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Helping Military Families During Medical Crises Because A Family's Love Is Good Medicine

Friends of
Fisher House - Illinois

Helping Military Families During Medical Crises Because A Family's Love Is Good Medicine

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Vital Continuing Service

O’Hare Westwood College Team Commits to Ongoing Computer Support Program for Hines VA Fisher House


Westwood College, IT Instructor Bill Uminowicz and volunteer computer students are providing vital communications support for all 20 computers serving military family guests.

“We are delighted to have this consistent maintenance support especially so when families depart and new family members arrive there are no privacy issues. This is an area where we really need continuing support,” according to Holly Wright, Hines VA Fisher House Manager.

Westwood IT's Bill Uminowicz outlines Westwood College’s commitment plan:
“We envision a multi-stage program to bring current Fisher House computers up-to-date and serviced.

“The first stage already in progress involves bringing in our best senior computer student volunteers to stabilize current computers. The second stage involves soliciting newer computers to replace the current obsolete versions. Friends of Fisher House-Illinois is undertaking the soliciting of donations from major computer companies.

“Also, we are providing flash drives with one-page tutorials on a number of computer functions with easy instructions for using computers to assist families.

“The maintenance will continue from semester to semester with new volunteer students as others graduate.”

Eventually, Westwood College would like to establish WIFI for the families.

Uminowicz also hopes to establish networking for all computers plus provide voice-over and instant messaging.

“Communicating with home base is very important to guests, especially during a long stay. Computers offer the most efficient and cost-saving method for achieving this. FOFH-IL truly appreciates the Westwood College team’s efforts,” states Betty Stamatis, FOFH-IL President.



One of three Senior Computer Student Volunteers Brings Hines VA Fisher House computers up-to-date with Westwood College IT Instructor Bill Uminowicz expert guidance.


Westwood College Senior Computer Student Volunteers Take Break from Providing much-needed maintenance of 21 Computers at Hines VA Fisher House.